Kudos to Paul and Team!

I’ve been a longtime Windows DAW user (Cubase) and in the past year have been dabbling in Linux. I am using a current recording project as an excuse to put Ardour through it’s paces and so far I am very impressed. I am using Linux Mint 4.0 and my trusty but old Tascam US-122. So far I can achieve very low latency and great stability without even using a realtime kernel. I’ve opted to use the Linux version without VST support and for the life of me cannot figure out what all the whining about LADSPA plug-ins is about!? I could care less about the blingy VST GUI’s, I think people should test plug-ins blindfolded anyway.

  Although I've got a lot of testing to do yet I just wanted to acknowledge the great work you are doing, The interface is classy and intuitive and so far stability equals if not exceeds Cubase, Don't get me wrong I admire Steinberg's software as well, I just don't like the frequency of the upgrades and the abandonment of former filetypes in each subsequent release, not to mention of course the obscenely ridiculous pricetag!!

  Keep up the excellent work!! and Thanks! If I am able to complete this current project to my satisfaction with Ardour I will be happy to make a donation. All the best!

Agreed. Ardour is looking good these days.
I’ve been using it for about two weeks for recording and arranging piano/synth practice and it’s working great; as a result I made a donation last week.

I would love to see the midi stuff make it into the program and pledge another donation when midi is working. Would love to be able to record/edit/and playback with my external midi synth in Ardour (using Rosegarden a little now).

I used Cubase in the past, which was fine for this type of use. But their tech support and business practice are evil. Long story but - I soured on Steinberg when I lost functionality in Hypersonic 1 VST instrument after I upgraded to CubaseSE3. It worked fine in the earlier Cubase but had problems with SE3. They told me that I’d have to pay to upgrade to the latest version of Hypersonic also, right after I just paid them for SE3.

Wow, That’s a pretty raw deal with the Hypersonic vsti, I have a bandmate that worships Steinberg, he just upgraded to Cubase SX4, the other night he was showing it to me and opened up his “Wunderverb 3” effect that has been around since the original VST 3.5, totally locked and killed his machine! And although a few years old this is one of their own proprietary effects!

 I would probably still be using Cubase VST 3.7r2 if XP would've supported it, I don't think they've truthfully improved much more than the eye candy and of course the VST Instruments since then. I've been lucky since, my Tascam US-122 came with Cubase LE free, and it's been good enough for small projects up until I got interested in Linux. I'm looking forward to Ardour, the routing possibilities with Jack are endless! I did weaken and break down to compiling the VST version, just for comparison's sake, A little disappointing though so far about 10% of my VST Effects actually work without either killing Ardour or preventing it from loading in the first place. It'd be nice if there was an ArdourVST plugin database where people could post what's working and whats not, maybe there is one already but my forum searches haven't found it.

are you looking for something like this ? http://ladspavst.linuxaudio.org/


Great Link! Thanks so much.