Artist: Fuckin Shit Biscuits
Album: Cleaner Than Fish Pussy
Song: Kremlin

All songs produced, written and copyright owned by Fuckin Shit Biscuits (Ron Parker, Bill Bailey, Dana Bailey, Joe Bailey). Mon Jul 23 07:33:38 PDT 2007. You are encouraged to download songs for personal usage but are prohibited from distributing or creating dirivitive works without written permission from a Fuckin Shit Biscuit.

Produced using Ardour on x86 Linux.

All tracks are final version. The mix will get a couple tweaks. Afterwards, it’ll be mastered individually for internet distribution and collectively as part of a CD. The objective of our production is to sound like the live band that we are. All instruments are played live, there are no sequences.

that’s a really great track, but it is allready mastered/mixed?

Alas, too late for Mother’s Day gift-giving…

Nice work!

Nice tight, dry drum sound. Lot’s of mic’s or justa couple?

I might tweak the drum mix by lowering the kick a few db and theres a couple notes on the lead vocal that I might fix. The mix is almost done. It is not mastered. When I’m satisfied with the mix, I’ll produce two masters; One, for internet and Two, as part of a full CD.

I always close mic every drum. Control is job one and having a mic on an instrument is the only way to control it. The snare is built with a lexicon reverb and very short tail. Snare tails have to end before the kick drum; tight, fuckin tight. Every track in the song is compressed.

Available at:

Great groove! I’d like to see the lyrics (same for Ugly American).