korg triton ex61

Can i connect
My korg triton ex61key through usb to ardour for playback on pc?
iam new to the keyboard and ardour…=)

If your attempting to sequence, no. Ardour 2.0 the current useable branch, doesn’t sequence. It appears that a lot of effort has been put into sequencing development which is slated for the 3.0 version and development seems to be focusing on that version.

I haven’t looked at midi clock to control the Triton sequencer but am certain that it’s part of 3.0.

You can use jack transport to sync ardour and a sequencer like Rosegarden. You could just use Rosegarden. Midi clock is functional in Rosegarden.

There are news stories on this site that cover the sequencer development efforts.

what about using usb to connect to anything…or do i have to use midi with the triton?

I don’t think that’s an Ardour question per se, and should probably be asked at some other forum, but these ALSA pages suggest you should be able to use it to some extent: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/USB_MIDI_sequencer_support , http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Usb-audio

my USB midisport 8x8 works because of a firmware update that was made by Clemens Ladisch, i think it was him. i’ve been running it since about 2003ish, if i had to guess. maybe it was more recent. of course i didn’t answer your question but maybe it’s an indication for hope.

another place you might want to look for user level help is linux audio user (lau) mailing list.