Korg Nanokontrol issues

I’m trying to get up and running with a Korg Nanokontrol. Using Ardour 2.8.12 installed from the Linux x86_64 binaries downloaded from this site.

My issue is getting the mapping to persistent between sessions.

After going through Options -> Control Surfaces, I can select Generic Midi, and once the jack connections are established, I can set up bindings using the CTRL- operation. This works for the session, but I have to manually re-establish everything when the same project is re-loaded.

I also had a look at the midi binding maps (http://ardour.org/ardour_midi_binding_maps), but can not locate the Control Surface tab on the Preferences dialog.

Is there a solution to this?

Thanks. Paul H

Hmmmm sounds familiar, read this thread:


and try what i say there in post number 6:


@joegiampaoli Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that when I have time to play again!