korg nanokontrol & ardour4 Problem - how to connect

Hi there,

first of all thanks to the devs again for this beautiful ardour4!!!

and of course i have a question:

I cant connect my korg nanokontrol to use it with ardour4. Somehow it just wont appear in the qjackctl gui. I now started Ardour4 first and then started qjackctl and a2jmidi afterwards. the device will just not appear in the midi or alsa dialog… Am I m issing something here? any help is very much appreciated …

edit: i m running jack 0.124.1-3

ok short update: i checked back with the manual and started JACK with the -X alsa_midi server argument (I hope i did… : i put the line in qjackctl in “execute script at startup: jackd -X alsa_midi -dalsa -d”… is that correct? ) and selected midi driver seq I did “sudo modprobe snd_usb_audio” as someone suggested me at linuxmusicians, but still no luck… its strange… for a test i started bitwig and the nanokontrol works correct. but it s just hiding from jack…

‘i put the line in qjackctl in "execute script at startup…’ - that doesn’t seem right to me. That’ll try to start up a second instance of jackd after qjackctl has already started it, which is almost certainly not what you want. What I think you need to do is put ‘-X alsa_midi’ in the ‘Server Suffix’ to pass that extra argument to jackd when qjackctl starts it.

Alternatively, you can put ‘a2jmidid -e &’ (without the quotes) into “execute script at startup” to start up a2jmidid after jackd has started.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways: I believe ‘jackd -X alsa_midi …’ may have lower latency and better jitter than ‘a2jmidid -e’, but as far as I know it doesn’t automatically add jack MIDI ports for MIDI interfaces that are hot-plugged after it’s running, which a2jmidid does.

thank you colinf! After trying around for hours I got a hint on linuxmusicians and did this in the terminal:

sudo modprobe snd_seq_midi

seems that this is not loaded automatically in my kernel version…

I m glad it s working now :slight_smile: