Korg Micro XL

Have a nice little keyboard, Korg micro XL and a little Asus EEE 901 that I hope to use as a mobile idea-recorder when travelling.
So, on the Korg there are a USB-port and MIDI. As I read earlier in this forum I might have to wait to version 3 for the MIDI support, but how about the USB port on the synth? I found nothing about this in the forum nor in the supported audio card list.
Anybody know?
It would be a great solution, I think.

A quick glance at the website for it suggests that the USB port is for MIDI only, so no audio capabilities on the Korg through the USB port.


I have a Korg MicroX (which is quite different as an instrument, but totally the same as far as the USB / MIDI connection is concerned), and I can confirm you that the USB port is for MIDI data only.

By the way, Korg USB/MIDI works better on the unsupported Linux platform than on Windows. So, a Korg synthesizer is a good choice if you use Linux, but keep in mind that it is not an audio interface.
I think that some cheap synths from Novation have a built-in sound card.

So, in version 3, I might be able to use the USB port for midi ?!?

Yes. Using the SVN version I managed to use it smoothly.

With version 3, if it works for me (usb/midi), I will donate a sum for the continuing of this fantastic work!
Keep it up, guys.
Waiting!!! :slight_smile:

@ interferon :
Could you help me? I too have a korg micro x and I am trying to get linux to recognize it via the usb port. So far, I have had no luck.

Hi, it is probably recognized. But you wanna connection between midi keyboard and some midi synth,Ardour…, right?
You didn’t wrote what is your linux (kind). If you open terminal ant type lsusb and hit enter,
yo are getting a list of usb devices plugged on to linux computer.

now start jackd (gui is qjackctrl) and see in connections under midi if you have your Korg inside.
Next, you could start some synth, and try to “patch” (connect Korg with that softsynth).
Synth audio out connect to master, or if you record “audio”, start ardour and set audio input on some track
for that synth. Many of Logic, Protools and Cubase users are “afraid” of this approach but believe me
you learn much more about signal path-flow, routing midi and audio, recording midi and audio…
Try it out,and record :slight_smile: