Korg Kronos and sample rate

I have a friend that is trying to use his Korg Kronos as a USB audio interface. He’s using Ardour’s official 6.0 with Ubuntu.

He can record fine at 48kHz, but he needs to record at 44.1kHz. If he tries to start Ardour with Alsa, he gets some message about hardware problem/configuration from Ardour. (Sorry, I don’t have the exact message, but can try to get it if it would help.) If he uses Jack, then he can start it, but when he imports the tracks, they play faster, which I assume is a sample rate mismatch, even though Ardour shows 44.1kHz and sees the tracks as 44.1kHz files.

Apparently in Windows he can use the Kronos at 44.1kHz.

I understand that maybe it is just a limitation of the (lack of) drivers for Linux, but I thought I’d ask in case anyone has any advice.

I believe the Kronos only operates at 48k. Not sure how he is working in 44.1 on Windows but my bet is something is resampling the 48k of the Kronos before it hits the software in that case.

NOTE I don’t own a Kronos, and could be wrong, but a quick google suggests this is the case.

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