Kontakt Player on Linux

Have any of you gotten the Kontakt Player to work under Linux with yabrige?

I’m failing because I can’t get Native Access installed.

I have now found instructions


The problem is that after starting Native Access 1.14.1 it asks me if it should do an update. I assume that I will then receive version 2, which again I cannot use.

If i remeber correctly, Kontact 7 player is not available for download in NI Access V1.x. Ni seems very restrictive on what they allow for fresh installs. I owned Guitar rig 4, updated to 5, but could no longer download the full install version of Guitar Rig 4 when I switched to a new PC. NI may only allow you to get Kontact 7 i dont know for sure.

I know this doesn’t answer your question, but you may run into this roadblock if you cannot get NI Access v2 to work.

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I have Kontakt 6 installed, but honestly don’t know if it works, as every sound I select, it says my version is too old. Not worth the trouble, for me.


Apparently, Native Access 2 now works with more recent versions of wine (9.0rc*): WineHQ - Native Access 3.7.0

See also this topic in LinuxMusicians.com.

I have not tried it myself, though.

We need several files form Native Instruments to install kontakt player.
Send your request to Native Instruments for these files.
We may search these files on Native Instruments website. ( https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us )
================================================== ======================

NTKDaemon 1.9.0 Setup PC.exe or newer version
     >> NTKDaemon will prevent the "update" trap.

Native Access 1.14.1 Setup PC.exe
     >> If you install NTKDaemon first, then install Native Access 1.14.1. 

While you press the update button, it will bypass the update and go directly to your Native Access Account. You need to login to the account to download your library.

Kontakt 7 7.3.1 Setup PC.exe
   >> Request or Search the Native Instrument site for this file.

================================================== ======================

First, install the NTKDaemon, then install Kontakt player 7 version 7.3.1
and Native Access version 1.14.1.

The latest version of Kontakt player 7 (version 7.5.x - 7.6)
doesn’t work on wine or wine-staging.

The issue has been resolved for me. I bought an Apple M1 Macmini at an affordable price. The contact player then runs without any problems.

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