Kontakt Ardour 6.6 on Windows

HI guys. I’ve done a search for this be each post is related to the Mac or Linux version or Ardour. Although I would always prefer to use the LInux version of Ardour I’ll have to wait until some of the plugin developers started making native LInux equivalents of the well known and used Windows/Max version of the plugs in.

Anyway I’m VERY green/new when it comes to DAW with plugins and only now starting to understand how it works on other DAWs. My question are: 1) Will Kontakt work on Windows 10 with Ardour 6.6?
(2) If so how does Kontakt function? I mean is it installed as a standard application and accessed by Ardour or is it somehome installed with Ardour?
(3) Once installed should I be able to purchase and install a sample library like Splitfire’s endless line of products and have it work/function as it would on a DAW like Cubase or Logic? I’m just trying to get set up to I can get productive but the more I understand about what to expect the better off I’ll be.
Thanks guys very much

  1. Open Ardour
  2. Go into the mixer view, or under the View menu, enable the editor single-strip mixer (don’t do this if you’re on a 1080p screen - Ardour likes screen real estate).
  3. Right click on a track, first option is New Plugin, then Plugin Selector, then select Kontact/Splitfire/whatever plugin you desire
  4. Profit. Or not, if that’s your thing. But either way, have fun.

Kontakt is a VST as well as a standalone plugin - most plugins are built this way so that people can use the standalone to play with lower latency, create patches, ect, and then load it in a DAW once they’re happy with the sounds/have an idea of what to play.

AHhh THanks VERY much! I’ll give it a try. I haven’t purchased the any plugins yet but I needed to know what I was up against before I bought into any of it.
THanks again

In case you’d like to run Ardour on linux, you should know it is possible (with some fiddling) to run windows vst plugins through wine. My favorite tool for this is yabridge: GitHub - robbert-vdh/yabridge: A modern and transparent way to use Windows VST2 and VST3 plugins on Linux
I didn’t try to run kontakt myself but there’s a paragraph about native instruments plugins that says it should work with some tweaking.

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