Kontakt 5 with Ardour

Oh! Yes, I am German! :slight_smile:
So you are not very satisfied with Ubuntu Studio?
Perfect would be a distribution that is good for Audio-Studio-Software, Video-Cutting Software and good for a Dell XPS 15 9500 Notebook.
I will take a look. If you have a suggestion for a Distribution that fits me needs, I would be very happy. :slight_smile:

AVLinux is another multimedia-focused distribution whose creator is active on this forum.

I just installed Ubuntu Studio with Reaper, Native Access and the EWQL Orchestral Samples Bundle on my testing system (older AMD desktop pc). To have a fancy design, I changed windows, desktop and some behaviour to MacOS Monterey. It seems to work, when I plug my Audiolink from Miditech via USB. Then I can hear Audio. But my integrated Soundcard (M-Audio Delta1010lt) does not seem to work. I don’t know how to activate it. Why there is no possibility for that in the Systempreferences? Even with the Studio controls it does not work for me (or I don’t know how).

Edit: But to be honest: I am really impressed, that is possible to use Native Instruments Kontakt Player and the Symphonic Library on a Linux System without having big problems. Okay, it was a long road to the point I am now. But one week before I would not believe, that this is possible. Some minutes ago I started a small project with some orchestral elements. I was able to play like 8-9 instruments at the same time without having problems. When there are 10 or more instruments I hear some very short and quiet scratches. But it is an old computer like I said with an even older HDD.

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