Kontakt 5 multiple outputs

I just subscribed and testing ardour with kontakt 5 free. I’m playing drums and would like to route from Kontakt to multiple sends in Ardour.
I have tried to look solution from forum and web but i cannot find it. Is there any way to route Kontakt outputs to sends in Ardour?

Run Ardour with the JACK backend, and route Kontakt (or any other audio application) via JACK.

Thanks for answering. So there isn’t any way to route instruments to busses in ardour without JACK? (Like in Logic or Reaper). I’m using El capitan and there isn’t any JACK version for it. So i’m kinda out of options here then.

Is there coming this kind of routing option to Ardour in near future?

If you’re using Kontakt as a plugin, all 5 outputs should be freely routable within ardour, to anywhere you want. Window > Audio Patchbay (or similar wording). Ardour is absolutely an “everything is routable to everything design” (and for the record, provided this many years before Logic or Reaper).

JACK is is available for El Capitan, but if you’re running it as a plugin, that is irrelevant.

What makes you feel/think/believe that the outputs are not routable?

Before i open Kontakt there isn’t option to choose multiple outputs like in logic (8×mono, 8×stereo). When i open Kontakt, in Kontakt’s mixer windown Kontak sees only two output options. Mono 1 and mono 2. So i cannot route in Kontakt mixer to enywhere else than these two outputs. This is the problem. How can i make Kontakt see more outputs? Like sends i create afterwards.


There’s no option to do this in Ardour at this time. We interrogate the plugin to see if it can support the number of inputs it will have at the proposed location within the track, and if it can, we ask it how many outputs it has. If the answer is “variable”, we currently pick the same number of outputs as inputs. Some older versions of Ardour picked other possible values, but we recently shifted to this simpler model, because it is more appropriate in many workflows.

We are aware, however, that for multitimbral plugins (like Kontakt) there does need to be a way to use more outputs. Several developers recently discussed this, and we have some ideas on how best to do this. These ideas are not implemented at this time. Things work for plugins which “insist” that they have (for example) 8 outputs - the “problem” with Kontakt is that it is willing to do variable numbers of outputs, and Ardour picks the “simplest” I/O configuration.

So my only option at this time is using JACK? You said that there is El Capitan version now? I read 2 weeks ago that it was really unstable in El Capitan.
I will try that and see if it works.

Thanks and have a nice New Year 2016

Hi, i tried to install Jack audio but installation failed and it said that it is not compatible with el capitan.

The development version of JACK does work on El Capitan: https://github.com/jackaudio/jack2/issues/144

... but as you will see if you read that thread, there are issues on El Capitan that prevent it being used in the way that has functioned since Panther (nearly 10 years). Thanks, Apple.

If downgrade back to Yosemite JACK would work then with Ardour?? This could be solution before you update Ardour so it will work with multiple outputs in Kontakt? Really like the look of Ardour and want use it but also need multiout from Kontakt.