Killer DnB

I’m new to this forum and have been using Ardour for a few months. Check out the first two songs on my myspace page. Those two are the only songs I’ve recorded with Ardour. Hope you enjoy.

Indeed, excellent!

This guy isn’t kidding when he says killer drum and bass.

Some of the best drum and bass I’ve ever heard from an unsigned artist.
“Citadel” is my favorite. “Blackbox” is also very good.

In fact, pretty much everything is high quality.

Really makes you wonder why people even listen to the radio anymore, when
there is so much good music on the web that is largely unknown.


I like the insane ambiances, it made me trip!

Do you make your work available for download somewhere?

Anyway, I’ll recommend your music to my friends, part of the stereotypes french collective.

Keep up the good work.