Keyboardshortcuts improvements

I would like to see the possibilty to save several keyboard shortcut presets. I think it would be usefull for variing people using one ardour build. Or in my case i have a numblock with some important shortcuts. I would like to switch to default when using my laptop on the go and go back to the custom shortcuts, when i am using it in the studio. Also i would like to use multiple keybindings on one action. When i work with a friend on one project we switch seats and i have to explain to him that ctrl+c is now number 1 on the Numblock. It would be much easyer if i would not need to overwrite the old shortcut but could use both simultaneusly.

Not a bad idea, but in the context of our existing, known priorities, not likely to happen for the foreseeable future.

I understand. Also not too important for me. I mostly make music in my Studio… There is features i look forward to much more then this. :smiley:

Keyboard shortcuts are stored in a file *.keys in ardour’s config folder.
(on Linux ~/.config/ardour8/ardour-8.6.keys).

You could copy the file and replace (or symlink) it with your preferred version (laptop/studio) before starting Ardour. You could also write a small wrapper Ardour-studio, Ardour-laptop that first copies the .keys file and then launches Ardour…


Thanks! I am not a programmer but i will copy and paste the file around! :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be. If you know how to copy a file and run a program from the command line then you can just put those two commands into a bash script.

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