Keyboard shortcuts

Where can I find a list of keyboard shortcuts?


Does anyone know if there’s a way to change these to the mac-standard combos from within the app itself? ie. without editing the ($HOME/.ardour/ardour.rc) file, which means nothing to me, tbh.

It’s one thing to learn a new DAW but another thing entirely to re-train yourself as to where things like the Undo keystroke are.


that page is asking for a username/password

Try the above for the list of shortcuts

You can edit the keyboard shortcuts within Ardour by going to the Window menu, then select Keybindings.

(using Ardour Version 2.4.1 on MacBook, OSX version 10.5.4)

Trying to reset keybindings but doesn’t appear to be working; I’m following the instruction in keybindings dialog - “select an action, then press the key/s to reset it’s shortcut” - nothing happens. Also the “remove shortcut” option is disabled.
Any clues as to how I can get around this?

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Is there something wrong with my key bindings? I found this list:-

Section is about moving the playhead. However, quite a few of my key bindings don’t seem to conform to that list. I’m assuming that ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ refer to the keyboard’s left & right arrow keys.

HOME, END and ‘p’ seem to be correct.

‘.’ and ‘CTRL+.’ and ‘,’ and CTRL+,’ all seem to do nothing

‘Right’ seems to reposition my timeline forward by about 1 ‘screenful’
‘Left’ seems to reposition my timeline backwards by about 1 ‘screenful’

‘CTRL+Right’ plays the timeline (same as hitting the transport PLAY button)
‘CTRL+Left’ plays the timeline backwards

‘CTRL+keypad Left’ and ‘CTRL+keypad Right’ seem to be correct

‘ALT+Left’ and ‘ALT+Right’ seem to do nothing

[Edit…] Oops, didn’t realise till after posting that this thread is in the Mac OS-X forum. I’m using Linux. Are the key bindings different for Linux?

in the 2.8 version you can personalize your own keybindings from the menu:
window - keybindings

it opens the Shortcut Editor where you can edit all your keybindings.

@John-E : anytime that keybindings stop working, it probably just requires removal of ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings to fix it. I seem to recall that you are using an older version of Ardour which wrote a copy of the bindings to this file unnecessarily - this no longer happens until you (the user) changes a binding.

And yes, OS X and Linux bindings are “different” but only in terms of the modifier keys used. Conventions are different on both platforms - on Linux (like Windows) the control key is the most common modifier; on OS X, its the Command key and control is not used much. The actual bindings files are generated from a single meta-bindings-file during the build process.