Keyboard shortcuts for solo mode

Hi - Probably a dumb question, but is there a way to set up key bindings for the solo mode (PFL, AFL, SIP) setting? Hovering over the buttons in the monitor section of the Mixer window shows “–” for the shortcut. It looks possible in the Key Bindings window under Solo, but the bindings I set there (eg, F1, F2, and F3) don’t seem to work – nothing happens when I press the buttons, and they’re still mapped to their default actions.

This is with nightly 4.4.463 on Fedora 21, XFCE in a VNC session.

It is not possible at this time. It will become feasible in 4.6, I think.

Thanks @paul - Glad to know it wasn’t just something I missed.

So here’s another of my random ideas… I frequently find myself wanting to quickly solo a channel in a mode isn’t the one currently selected. I think it would be cool to be able to switch modes right from the tracks’ P/A/S buttons (either in Editor or Mixer strips), without having to leave what I’m doing to find the mode buttons in the monitor section, and (probably) having to go back again to restore the original mode. I was thinking that one way to do it could be via a context (right-click) menu, but there may be other ideas.

To take this a little farther, after seeing the signal flow diagram for solo in the Ardour manual (, I’m wondering if it could be feasible to allow AFL/PFL mode selection by channel. So for example, one could set AFL globally, but PFL individual channels as needed. In the use-case I’m thinking of, it would be a one-time thing, rather than a persistent channel-specific mode; perhaps an argument could be made for the latter as well, but I imagine that could add complexity. Allowing the listen mode to be set local to a channel also implies that there could be a mixture of active AFL’d and PFL’d channels, if exclusive solo mode is off. The signal flow diagram doesn’t seem to preclude that - whereas it’s clear that SIP couldn’t be included in this - but of course I don’t know the details underneath.