Keyboard shortcuts for setting loop markers

I’m pretty sure I had these set up at some point, I can’t remember how. I would like to be able to play a file and use a keyboard shortcut to set the loop marker positions while the file is playing.

‘Start/Finish Loop Range’ looked like what I wanted, but Alt . does nothing while Alt , just sets the ‘begin loop’ marker to the beginning of the project. At the moment I’m using a workaround of Meta , and Meta . to select the region, then ] to set the loop markers.

Alt . & Alt , set the loop range start & end to the current edit point. If you have Edit Point set to Mouse, they’ll set them to the mouse position, as long as the mouse is over the Editor pane; if you set it to Playhead they’ll set them to the playhead position (see

Alternatively, there are actions for “Start/Finish Range from Playhead”: you could rebind the Alt . & Alt , shortcuts to those actions in the Keyboard Shortcuts window if you prefer.

It seems Alt . and Alt , now apply loop markers to the cursor’s position. Is there a way to make it apply to the red playback line’s position?

This is sorted now, thanks!

Revisiting this all those months later, it is possible I confused ‘Zoom Focus’ with ‘Edit Point’. Maybe an update changed something, who knows. Anyways, this seems to work fine, even with Xfce compositing enabled.

Anyone else having the same problem should try pressing`as this will toggle Edit Point.