Keyboard shortcuts for Lua scripts from the Mixer view

EditorAction Lua scripts, by definition, are only available as keyboard bindings from the Editor view. It would be very helpful if key bindings also worked from the Mixer view, for running Mixer-oriented scripts. The 12 Lua action buttons are most welcome but I’m beginning to run out of them, plus sometimes it’s just more convenient to trigger scripts by keyboard.

One approach could be making these bindings Global, like the transport shortcuts, rather than Editor. Another could be creating a second set of bindings for the mixer: ‘MixerAction’ as it were. The first would be better I think, as they’re then available everywhere, e.g. the Recorder view too. No idea if either of these are possible.

(I have a recent topic on this. Apologies for making another topic but I couldn’t change that one to “Ideas for Ardour”.)

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