Keyboard Shortcut Help

Could someone please help me make add markers with my keyboard? I am working with a laptop and cannot figure out how to change adding a marker from the Num Enter key to something that is on my laptop keyboard. Also, I would like ot find a way to add a range with the keyboard. Is it possible to have a midi control surface execute these? Thanks!

Window>Keyboard Shortcuts(Alt+K)>(tab)Global>Common>Add Mark from Playhead - there are two Shortcuts by default: Tab and KP Enter - you can change them to your custom.

If you mean to add Range Marker - there are two commands:
Window>Keyboard Shortcuts(Alt+K)>(tab)Editor>Region>
Add Range Marker Per Region
Add Single Range Marker
(but really I don’t know how to use them)
There’s no shortcuts by default

To find the action quickly - type in “Add” in the search line at the bottom of Keyboard Shortcuts window.

Thank you! That helped. Now I can add markers. When I press the shortcut for add single range marker, I don’t see that anything happens. What I’m looking for is what happens when you right click the ranges ruler and click on add range.