Keyboard shortcut for "show/hide automation"?

Am I too tired, or is there no way to “show used automation” or “hide all automation” (of selected track(s)) in the editor by keyboard shortcut?

I am working on a relatively complicated project at the moment where I have to constantly hide/show the automation data and doing it via rightclick-menu and sub-menu-entry is annoying…

Thanks a dozen!

Sadly, this is another example of an operation in Ardour for which no shortcut/binding is available.

Hello maybe a lua script should do the job?
I m not aware tough of the possibilities to do this, thats why i type MAYBE.

I’m just finishing up adding it to the 6.0 code as a builtin.


That is just plain awesome, thank you so much - version 6.0 will have several features that make my life a lot more comfortable, really looking forward to it!!

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