Keybinding on windows don't match config nor manual

Hello, I’m trying Ardour 8.4 on windows but I’ve found that the keybindings don’t match what it’s states at window/Keybaord Shortcuts not what the manual states.
For instance, tab will not place a marker on the head possition, nor Q will go to the previous marker. KP enter in confused with “normal” enter, just no name a few.
Any idea of what’s going on? Thank you very much in advance a for the developers, it’s been a huge leap since the last time I tryied Ardour (like 6 years ago), my most sincere congratulation.

Keyboard shorcuts are context dependent.

Can you check that you are in Object Edit mode? press ‘o’ – see The Ardour Manual - Toolbox

Next check that keyboard shortcuts are the default. **Ardour Menu > Window > Keyboard Shortcuts **

Thank you very much @x42 , the tab keybinding only works on Grab mode, I was in Edit mode I suppose. The KP Enter binding tough does not work. I think it must have something to do with how Windows identifies keys (probably). Either way, thank you very much.