Key Commands OSX


just wondering if it is at all possible to change key commands for Ardour in OSX. I’m assuming that when the manual says to use the $HOME/.ardour/ardour.rc file this is specific to Linux. Do mac users need to change key commands through X11? A search through the relevant forums turned up a number of inconclusive answers. I’ll do the research myself if necessary, just some google search terms to get started would be great.

Find the shortcut you want to change in the menu(s). Highlight the menu item. Press the new binding you want. Done.

Note: there is a bug in current versions of ardour that requires you to first make your own copy of the bindings file (it will be fixed this week, before we release 2.0.4). To do this, use this command from a terminal window to find the system copy of the file:

locate ardour.bindings

then copy that file:

cp /WhereverTheCommandSaidItWas/ardour.bindings ~/.ardour2

After that, changes to your shortcuts will be saved for the next time you run ardour.

Excellent, that makes life a lot easier. Much thanks for that.