Key command for 'End' marker?

Is there a key command to set the end marker at the current position?


The keyboard and mouse bindings are described at

Bummer, I didn’t see anything in there that looked like what I am looking for…

I had the same problem - couldn’t figure out how to set the end marker - until I tried zooming out - click the “Zoom to Session” button at the bottom left, right next to the horizontal session scrollbar’s left button. You should then be able to see the end marker and adjust it.

Strange that it wouldn’t be visible at ALL zoom levels…

You can also press Alt-L to open the Locations window, then press the “set” button by the end marker. This will put the end marker at the playback location.

@ BenLoftis - Awesome! that works great for me. I would love to have just a single key command, but this is a very workable solution! thanks!