Keeping automation with region and region group copies

I’d like to be able to move and copy automation with a region. I see automation moves when I move regions (great) but not when I copy. I see a request for this a few years ago in the forum but couldn’t find anything more recent. Also if I move or copy the sound to another track I’d generally like to take the automation. (otherwise I’d just grab a copy from thr source or region list)

If I haven’t put the same plugins on the new track of course I don’t expect that automation to follow, but pan and volume? If I move a sound onto another track then it seems I need to select data in the automation tracks one at a time then copy and paste.

For example, I put together a groups of regions with panning, volume (and maybe more) I want to copy the group and then tweak the copy, maybe changing individual region times, tweaking pan and volume, tweaking plugins (so consolidating/bouncing is not an option).
I may want to do this on the same track, or possibly on another track to overlay one copy on another (offset in time).

I see I can duplicate a track and that will copy automation, but then the number of tracks becomes unmanageable. Is there another way?

For me, tracks are not usually or necessarily ‘instruments’. The whole timeline is one big scratchpad for sound design/sonic art…

Thanks again for indulging me!

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