Keep older versions of Ardour?

I just started contributing to Ardour and therefore got the latest version, 6.5

I’m using Ubuntu Studio 20.10 and it comes with Ardour 6.3 pre-installed.

Should I remove 6.3 or does it not matter?

I notice projects that I made originally in 6.3 open by default in 6.3, if I remove it will they not automatically open in 6.5 if 6.3 is no longer there?

I can right click on them and Open With 6.5 and they open fine, but I forget which ones are which, so I don’t always remember to do that, so I figure if I remove 6.3, I don’t have to remember.

What would happen to my templates made in 6.3 if I remove 6.3?

Sorry, so many questions, and I know I could just keep both and not worry, but I prefer to remove older versions of software if they are no longer needed.

It does not matter. The binary from can be installed in parallel to distro versions.
You can keep both around.

Also the session-format has not changed. Sessions created with any version of Ardour 6 can be loaded in any other version of Ardour 6…

…except Ardour 6.5 adds support for VST3 plugins. If you use VST3 plugins the sessions won’t load in older version(s) anymore.

They’ll remain available. The templates are stored in your user’s config folder: $HOME/.config/ardour6/

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I have been using to keep some older versions since the times of Ardour 3. Because back then I sometimes had little problems with a new version of Ardour 3 for example.
So I have kept all the installation files also.

As Robin has written, a similar experience here: it has never been a problem on my systems to keep parallel installations of Ardour 4.7, 5.10 and 5.12.


My only issue is that the template I made, was made in 6.3, but since I’ve donated to Ardour, now I can use 6.5.

When I open the template to edit the podcast each week, it opens 6.3.

Is there an easy way to update the template to the latest version?

How do you open the template, or rather how do you start Ardour?

I open Ardour 6.5, choose new session, then in that list, I select the Template I made for my podcast. Then it opens, but if I select About it is 6.3. I just tried it again, and it opened 6.5. So I restarted and opened it again, and it was 6.3.

I wonder if I have found a bug.

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