Keep multiple selected notes in Piano Roll selected when copying

Noticed that in the piano roll if you select multiple notes, for example say a triad chord shape and you go to copy all those three notes, when they are pasted only one note stays selected (highlighted) preventing you from copying that chord again. Might be what others prefer, but in other piano rolls I have used, usually all the notes stay selected.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
Is there an option something like this?
Noticed this a while back and can’t remember if I looked around for one?
I apologize if this already exists.

Thank You

Hmm, just tried that out, but works here as expectetd.
I select three midi notes, hit ctrl + c, move the cursor to the desired point in time and hit ctrl + v… i do this again and again, works fine here. Maybe I didn’t get your point?

Thank you for your response, last night it randomly hit me that I did not include my method of experiencing this issue. I experience this when selecting multiple notes / chords and then use the Ctrl + LMB drag approach of copying notes as opposed to the method you mention, sorry about that.

Anyone else experience this in piano roll when using Ctrl+LMB drag approach of copying notes? Seems strange that it would deselect all notes other than one, unless this is on purpose for some reason?
Multi notes can be selected for chords and for multi note patterns in general.
I apologize if I am missing something.

Thank You

What version are you using? This was fixed since you first wrote this, I believe.

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