"keep above" attribute for LADSPA plug-in windows

Ardour 2.7.1 on Fedora 8 (CCRMA) 32-bit with KDE…

It seems that LADSPA plug-in control windows are always created with the “keep above” attribute enabled. That may be fine as a default, but I have limited screen size, so I almost always end up turning it off. As the windows sometimes seem to close spontaneously, I have to keep turning it off whenever I re-open them.

Is there an option that controls this, by chance? Or could Ardour remember the state of those windows that it closes? (Remembering the location might be nice too.)

there’s no such option, sorry. we could consider this a bug, and thus the next release of 2.X might see a fix. of course, patches for said behaviour would be welcome.

Thanks Paul. Would you like me to open a bug on Mantis for this? It’s pretty minor, esp compared to crashes and some other things – so I don’t want to divert your efforts on 3 – but it might be nice to document it at least.

I’d love to dig into the code myself, but I don’t have much experience with C++ and the libraries, I’m afraid. I’d be OK with learning (I have a fair bit of experience with C, and I did a little OO some years ago), but I’m really swamped at work and with some other projects right now. I haven’t even had a look at the source for Ardour yet – is there anything that might guide a complete noob to the right area? Do you think there’d be a long learning curve before one could attempt such a change?