Kawai usb to host plus usb card

Will I be able to use headphones from my computer or cheap usb interface AND the Kawai usb plug ?

A friend has a Kawai keyboard that uses the standard usb interface and should work, but I want him to hear tracks when he plays (and records).

I don’ t have a fancy usb interface here in the states and just a portable ($5 Unitek) usb sound card for mic and headphones.

Ardour does not let me use 2 usb intefaces, but I was wondering what would happen when I use this keyboad to usb…?

Will it let me use separate input and output usb devices?

One hack idea I had was to get a double male 5mm cord and plug it into the mic-in of my cheap unitek USB card.

Is the Kawai Keyboard a USB MIDI device (not audio)? – If so, you can use it alongside a soundcard,

yes I think so … not sure… it is kawai mp11se.
The usb jack on the back is part of the midi in/out jacks.
another post here also says that it is usb compliant standards.

Okay… I guess the best way to figure it out is to bring my computer over and try it. But just want to know in advance if possible

Looks like it is midi… see this link here https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1319678/Kawai-Mp11se.html?page=117