Kawai USB-midi

(Ardour) #1


I am thinking about purchasing a Kawai CN37 but have not found any information about generic USB-MIDI.

Anyone knows more about Kawai and their implementationer. I get that their preset editors and piano technichian software might ned Windows or OSX drivers but that is not what I am askimg about.



(Michael Willis) #2

The spec sheet is here: http://www.kawai-global.com/product/cn37/

It is not clear if the USB interface is class-compliant, but it does have midi ports. If I were you and I really wanted this digital piano, I would buy it and try the USB. If it didn’t work, I would buy a cheap midi interface that is known to work on Linux.

(Ardour) #3

Thanks, Michael

Already studied the spec and did not find anything regarding this.

I have contacted Kawai in my country to verify this and sure and they could not give a straight answer but would get back later when the had the answer., I can work around the problem if necessary. I have somthing like 14 midi keyboards that all are class compliant and would rather not use extra interface for connecting it.

(Paul Davis) #4

Just ask them if it works with an iPad. If yes, then it works on Linux.

(Ardour) #5

Yeah, I know but I would rather make them understand that as a regular user with only one simple question, hey can make an effort to give a good and correct answers to my original question regarding Linux and potentially have a new customer or lose the csaid ustomer.

It is a make or break question more than me getting the correct answer.

I have read that VPC1 and cs11 models gets recognised by alsa midi so I am rather confident it will work with most other kawai gear but that doesn’t mean Kawai will respond with real insight but more likely. We do not support linux, unfortunately.


(Ardour) #6

Just for reference in case someone find this thread.

Kawai germany responded to my question and this is the response:
“all current Kawai digital pianos are USB Class compliant”

Kawai has no public documentation/matrix regarding this however.