Kaosstrinik (new album open source)

Hi friends my new album with open source programs is out on Jamendo for plays and download free :smiley:




Transcendental wandering… Live existence feeling! Thank you, gennargiu!

Hi cooltehno in this new album i have a used various open source programs for all composition, Ardour,Mixbus 4,Qtractror,Audacity,Ocenaudio,Openshot,FFADO mixer,Cadence ,Ldspa Plug in and all my hardware synths ( dx7 mk1,M1,D50,Microkorg, Korg monotron series, Teenage Pocket engegnering factory,rhytm,office,and effects pedal (zoom ms 70 cdr). I have used radio maria ukraine,nederland e Germany processing by korg monotron …

i used debian stretch 9 system

Inspiring! Nice example of linux using :slight_smile:

I have a used synths + Rainstick :slight_smile: