Kalimba Dreams Forward

I’ve recorded a new song, it’s called Kalimba Dreams Forward.


The title comes from the kalimba line I drew down for it, which I believe has a dreamlike, forward moving quality. The lyrics were written more or less on the spot, inspired by episodes from my dream diary.

I began by recording the kalimba track using my Shure SM 57 Microphone. I placed the mic head directly above the soundhole. I didn’t need much clearance because the keys are thumbed below the soundhole. This let me get right up close with the mic for the most complete sound I could get.

The humming and singing were done with my Apex 436(?) condenser microphone, but for the beatboxing, I opted to return to the 57.

I added some reverb and delay to the kalimba, and a portion of tube simulator on almost every track. I had to use automation to clear a clipped segment of voice in the second verse, which if you listen carefully you may notice.

I hope you enjoy my latest full song project.