Just upgraded to Ardour 8.6.0

…from Ardour 6.9.0 and I noticed that

  1. the open dialog doesn’t list projects saved in v6
    do I have to convert them by opening each one in v8?

  2. the plugin favorites is empty
    do I have to reselect all my favorite plugins?

sorry if these issues have been covered elsewhere


Have you skipped Ardour v7.x ?

When you run Ardour 8 the first time there is the option to import preferences from v7 (but not v6 or earlier versions).

Ardour 8 can load Ardour 6 sessions just fine, but the “recent session” dialog won’t have the list of those sessions.

The config folder layout has changed somewhat, but for the cases you mention, you can copy config files (while Ardour is not running):

cp ~/.config/ardour6/recent  ~/.config/ardour8/recent
cp ~/.config/ardour6/plugin_statuses ~/.config/ardour8/plugin_metadata/plugin_statuses
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yeah I skipped over v7 while sitting out making music for a while and also v6 did everything I needed for light editing work for the label
So I can just copy the v6 recent & plugin status files into the v8 directories?
Very cool!
also, you guys have done a wonderful job on v8
I’ve been using Ardour for 15+ years and the features/improvements in each new version never cease to amaze me
congrats to the Ardour team!

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another weirdness:

  • I imported a session from v6 into v8 without any issues
  • I was adding a guitar overdub track but the session didn’t stop at the end marker
  • I finished my work and exported a rough mix of the tracks & the export DID stop at the end marker
  • what am I doing wrong here?
  • should I delete the start and end markers and make new ones?
    – not sure how to delete the start and end markers in a session…?
    thanks in advance!

Many other preferences that you have customized were not copied over.

Enable Preferences > Transport > Stop at the end of the session.

Export works, because you likely have selected to export the “Session Range”.

PS. read the tooltip of that preference (in case you use cues/triggers):

When enabled if Ardour is not recording, and all trigger-slots are unused the transport is stopped when it reaches the current session end marker.

When disabled Ardour will continue to roll past the session end marker at all times.

ah got it - thanks again Robin!
been so long since I set that pref I completely forgot it was a setting