Just to Wave ( music video )

This song was released on Sept. 12, 2023. I used Ardour version 7.5.0 to record, mix and master.

I am still learning how to record, mix and master. I’ll detail what I learned to use for this recording.

Musically, the song consists of 3 guitar parts, an electric bass, vocals recorded with a mic, and synthesized drums. The solo guitar part is heard at the end of the recording.

I used AIDA-X Amp Model Player on the lead and solo guitars. AIDA-X models both guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. You can download AIDA-X configuration files to model a specific amp and speaker cabinet. The configuration files I used were recorded at a 48000 sample rate. I record at 44100 sample rate. Therefore, to lighten the load on my computer, I used ffmpeg to convert the configuration files to 44100 sample rate. To differentiate the lead guitars from the solo guitars, I used different AIDA-X configurations.

The lead guitars are recorded on 2 mono tracks. One track panned to the far left, the other panned to the far right. To enhance the lead guitars further, I used the LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 MidSide . With the LSP equalizer, I set the higher frequencies to the sides ( left and right). I set the lower frequencies to the middle.

The rhythm guitar is recorded on one mono track panned to the middle. I used the Bluedream on the rhythm guitar track.

For the drums, I used the LSP Multi-Sampler x24 DirectOut . The LSP sampler allows you to customize the sound of each individual sample ( a short audio recording of a instrument, drum or cymbal ). I shortened the length of the kick drums and cymbals. I had read that shortening the kick drum reduces contention with a bass guitar. Shortening the cymbals reduced contention with guitars and vocals.

See my website for a complete list of software and plugins used : Punch-Up Song: Just to Wave

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

I like it, thanks for sharing. But your video and audio are out of sync…
I recommend to change this. Or is this intended?

Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate.

Thank you for the feedback. I will take you recommendation under advisement.


Some critiques, if I may:

  • Song writing: I definitely like the riffs you play, but IMHO there’s not much distinction between verses and chorus. Yes, the chords are a little bit different, but the general groove and drum rhythm is basically the same through the whole song.
    Suggestion for starters: in the choruses, make the drums use the ride cymbal instead of the hi hat.
  • Vocals: they could use some more compression, because (IMHO) some quieter words almost get lost behind the music and therefore become hard to understand.
  • Drums: the kick does some punching, doesn’t it? :sweat_smile: However I think it’s a little bit too much which also might be the cause of a little pumping effect I think I hear on the music (most likely caused by a compressor which is “hit hard” by the kick?)

Anyway, YMMV.
Just keep going on with your musical journey! :smile:

Thank you so much for the comprehensive review. I find your remarks very helpful. I really appreciate !!

It’s really pretty good sounding to me, maybe just a little more variation here and there to keep it from sounding the same all the way through. Nice to see you posting on Rumble!

Thank you so much for the feedback. It really helps!

This was the first time I published a video on Rumble. I used Rumble’s free package. So far, it’s been really great. I’m getting 2 to 3 times the listens compared to other platforms. Plus, they monetize your videos right away.

Nice tele sound, a foot tapper :+1:

Thank you so much for the feedback :slight_smile:

The combination of AIDA-X amp and the LSP MidSide EQ really bring out the percussive sound of the guitar.


I like the lyrics and the sentiments they express, I like the minimalism and the quasi Lou Reed (or other non-singer type) spoken/sung vocals.

To expand a bit on what @slash said it’s a bit repetitive because so may things stay the same, minimalism isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you are going to have such a rigid structure without a well defined chorus or even a bridge then there are other tricks you can employ to give some variety…

  • Do the first verse acoustically and then bring the electric/bass/drums in on the second verse.
  • In the middle of the song drop out the snare and have a quiet ‘breakdown’ verse…
  • Put some stops on at the beginning of a verse where the music stops but you keep singing
  • Add drum builds instead of fills
  • Do a Verse or chorus in ‘half-time’ where the tempo stays the same but the drums play half time
  • If you don’t necessarily want a guitar solo then add a new part with a riff or chords that is something different but musically relevant…

Just some ideas, you want to avoid keeping the structure and dynamics the same for very long, people have gnat-like attention spans these days and even a good beat and righteous chugging guitars will only sustain interest for a verse or so…

Thank you so much for all the great ideas. Your feedback really helps me out, quite a bit :slight_smile: Again, I really appreciate the comprehensive review. Thank you!