Just... Music


I have made some recordings with Ardour2/Hydrogen/JACK/jamin/etc… The main propose is to set up a home recording studio with 100% Free Software, and of course the central piece is Ardour/JACK :slight_smile:

I like many styles (Funk, Blues, Progressive Rock), and I try to mix all of them in the things I produce. You can listen to my music here:


My Gear is basically:
Guitar: Yamaha Pacifica 112.
Bass: Ibanez GSR180.
Wah wah: George Dennis.
Amp: Marshall 30W. (don’t like it very much… anyway I record directly from PODxt to Delta66).
Sound card: Maudio Delta66. I have the linux-broken revision E, so no digital I/O for me (configured as a 1010LT


Any comment will be wellcome :slight_smile:

A mí me mola… ¿Todas las baterías están hechas con Hydrogen? Enhorabuena.

I feel the King Crimson inspiration :slight_smile: Nice!