(Just Like) Frankenstein

An old song of my own brought back from the dead by 1,000,000 gigawatt’s of pure, greased Linux Lightning…

Alright…it’s not perfect, but I had to hurry up and do something besides blab my mouth off on this forum!

Recorded with Ardour, of course, drums with Hydrogen, guitars, bass and vocal through the built-in sound-card of my machine. $30 Audio Technica condenser mic and guitars plugged into Alesis Studio 12R mixer before going into sound card.

One guitar track recorded direct with SimulAnalog JCM vst, other two with mic’d VOX valvetronix amp.

Mexican Fender bass and Japanese Fender Mustang guitar.

Recorded and mixed on Ardour VST with no vst’s (they’re starting to bore me ; ). LADSPA plugs only.

I need to flesh out the drum track more. There are lot’s of fills and embellishments in my head that haven’t made it to the keyboard yet. Scratch vocal but it’ll do for now.


(Just Like) Frankenstein

The other 3 songs were done a while back on Mackie’s Tracktion 2, which is an AWESOME program. I’ve ditched Windows, though, so that’s the end of that.