Just a question

Hi there, i used an corei7 2600k long time with its usb2, now i had to upgrade my pc and chose a amd ryzon 4650g, dont really know its usb3 manufacturer, but i noticed having bader latencies… could use the old intel with usb2 on 3 periodes with 64 frames but with new usb3 equipment i need at least 128 frames to get it stable. any thoughts on it? can someone comfirn?

Have you tried different USB ports? To be honest, I don’t know much about it, but if I remember well, having the interface in a different bus than all other USB devices is recommended. (In particular, don’t use it in a USB hub.) Also, I think that USB2 should work fine with audio interfaces, so test those too, as they might give a better performance.

yeah thanks that was a try out worth but didnt change anything… i may try one of other kernels for avlinux but i can also live with 128 buffers no big deal, was just wondering. i tried it out with two seprerated usb2 outputs and only used one of it so the controller was just handling the soundcard but starting with 64 Frames bufferoverflow starts instandly to rise… i asked myself if there was anything to wait for by changing manufacturer from intel to amd because amd no pro would use… :smiley:

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