Juras - My second single

Hi guys,

This is my second song Recorded and Mixed in Ardour. For this one i decided to try Mixbus for mastering.
So it is 90% Ardour and 10% Mixbus (is that cheating :D?)

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Hi theflockers,

I like it! Like the different guitar tones, and like your voice. Are you doing all the playing? Soundcloud pic looks like a band pic.

As I said last time, wish I could understand what you were saying… :slight_smile:

That was my band. We split some years ago but this song was pending to be recorded. I released it like this as a “special” track for the old fans, that’s why i put the band picture instead of mine.

The arrangements was composed by the band so this track is based in the first arrangements.

The drums were programmed in Hydrogen. The bass guitar for this one was done in my midi keyboard. I got a bass guitar right now but did not want to record the bass guitar again. It would sound much better but sometimes we accept things the way it is.

All guitars (acoustic and electric) were played by me. I’m not so happy about the guitar effects (i have a Behringer GDI-21) but i also accepted that the my gear is not optimal.

But thanks! I’m cooking some new things and they might get some english lyrics!

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