Jupiter-XM, working but no patch mapping in Ardour

I’m running Ardour 6.6 on an Ubuntu 20.04 laptop, so far mainly using audio recording and software instruments.

The other day, I treated myself to a Jupiter-XM hardware synth. First of all, I was surprised to discover that USB MIDI is actually working. Not that I don’t have standard din-MIDI but it was a nice surprise. Second, Ubuntu recognises Jupiter-XM as an audio output and I’m able to play audio through the synth.

Will Ardour add MIDI-mapping in future releases i.e. patch changes for Jupiter-XM. The list of sounds and changes are available here: https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/JUPITER-Xm_sound_list_eng02_W.pdf Or is this something I could do myself?

“MIDI Mapping” is a bit over an overloaded term.

The usual format for “lists of sounds and changes” is called MIDNAM, and is a standard specified by the MIDI Manufacturers association. Ardour comes with MIDNAM files for 458 devices. Sadly the Jupiter XM is not among them, and so one way or another you would have to find or more likely create that file. Documentation on this is hard to find, it is easier to work from an existing example (they are just text files, though using XML to structure them).

Many thanks Paul -that is helpful. Well, the Jupiter-XM does feature many of the presets from older analogue synths such as JUNO-06, JX8P for which there are MIDNAM files. I’ll have to figure out the file structure and find a way to incorporate the information from the Roland sound list.

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