Jumpt to position in timeline by pressing a (midi-controller-)button

Hi anybody.

Is there any way in Ardour 7.2 to move the playhead (while Ardour is playing) to any position in the timeline (range-start, cue, …) by pressing a button on keyboard or – much better – pressing a button on midi controller?


the “p” key will move the playhead to the mouse position.

clicking anywhere in the rulers will move the playhead to that position.

There are many other shortcuts available, most of them shown in the Transport menu.

You can jump to Location markers by number, if you have a ‘numpad’ (extended keyboard number pad)
You start & end the command with a period (.)
.1. = jump to Location marker #1
.12. = jump to Location #12

Regarding MIDI, you can map a MIDI device’s buttons to trigger any Action. We have actions assigned for markers 1…9; you can find the action in the main menu:
Transport ->Markers → Jump to Marker (1…9)

Thanks for these answers.
I didn’t know about location markers. Thanks for the hint.

you can map a MIDI device’s buttons to trigger any Action

Okay. That’s great. But I don’t know how to do.
I know about the MIDI LEARN feature (crtl-middle-click), but how to do this for an action in one of the menus?

Do I have to program and load a midi map (.map file) for that? But how do I insert all the MIDI-LEARNed actions in such a file? Do I have to reprogram these by hand in the file? Can i save the MIDI-LEARNed actions in a file somehow? Where are the MIDI-LEARNed actions stored? System-wide or separate for each song (.ardour-file)?

I cannot find any informations, where I can get all the possible programmable actions (like action=“Transport/ToggleRoll”`) in a .map file.

To be clear what I try to reach finally:

  • play my song (by pressing the space bar)
  • jump to special positions in the song by pressing a midi controller note
  • fire a cue via midi controller note, like i would do by pressing F1…8

(btw: I cannot fire a cue by F1…8, when the main window is in edit mode. Only in cue mode. Why is that?)


Oh, I found the answer of this part of my questions :slight_smile:

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