Jump to previous mark shortcut conflicts with quantize shortcut

When I have a MIDI only session and set some markers then whenever I press ‘Q’ the Quantize window opens, so it doesn’t jump to the previous marker. When I then press Cancel Ardour crashes. This is with Ardour 7.5.0 on a Linux machine. If I remove the Quantize Selected Notes shortcut the issue is gone. I don’t recall changing any keyboard shortcuts, afaik I always use the defaults. Anyone who could reproduce this?


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i noticed that in edit mode - you cannot go to previous marker due to mentioned quantize shortcuts conflict… so i slap myself on the wrist to revert to grab/range mode beforehand :smiley:

But it doesn’t crash when in Edit mode and you press Q?

nope, it does not crash, it just quantize :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying! Since I had to upgrade my OS anyway I reinstalled everything and looks like the issue is gone. Consider this topic resolved.

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