Joy (Revised)


This is an original tune I recently finished with Ardour 3, I put an in-progress draft of it up here a year or so ago and hopefully this is the finished product. The drums were done in Hydrogen with a custom bits and pieces kit and the bass is actually a Square Wave synth patch from my old beloved and now regrettably obsolete Turtle Beach Pinnacle ISA Sound card which featured a Kurzweil MA-1 chipset on it. It makes a big fuzzy bass and also has linuxDSP’s Autowah plugin running on it. The guitar is a Fender Tele through a Pro-Junior tube amp and the solo utilizes the Calf Vintage Delay. I played and recorded the Tambourine and Bongos and gained a whole new respect for those who play hand percussion…after a few takes my arms were numb! The vocals were done a few years ago, some of the falsettos are a bit wooly so I was hoping to redo them only to discover that my middle-aged larynx doesn’t do that any more…: (. The master section has linuxDSP’s SR2B, Barry’s Satan Maximizer, linuxDSP’s PEQ-2A and the Calf Stereo Tools Post fader in that order.

Comments, Critiques and Questions Welcomed : )


Really like your track in the other thread BTW! Just hadn’t gotten around to posting in it yet…

The Satan Maximizer is a very crude and oversimplified compressor, it was actually formerly called the ‘Stupid Compressor’. I’m not a plugin developer so I can’t tell you what the specifics are under the hood but I find it is indispensable and use it on almost every mix I do. The ‘secret’ is to use it at very conservative values on a master mix, on stuff like drums and hand percussion and really any percussive type sounds you can really make stuff pop out in a mix with it.

For mastering I use this: Top slider set the Decay Time to 24 samples and the bottom slider (Knee point) to -6.0 db, obviously adjust to your personal taste. On a master mix I really just want it to add some punch to the overall mix. On the bongos in Joy Revised I have it at 24/-10db and if you could hear an A/B comparison with and without you’d swear the bongos were recorded completely differently all because of what the Satan Maximizer can do.

Sounds really good! I hear people saying good things about the satan maximiser, but I never could figure out how to use it. It seems to just distort the sound in a bad way everytime I try it out. What is it for, anyway?

That’s cool!