"Joy" created with Ardour


This is an original tune finished with ArdourVST 2.8.6 in AV Linux using the -rt Kernel.

Critiques, Comments, Suggestions and Workflow Questions welcomed, Thanks for taking time to listen.

http://www.bandshed.net/music/Joy Remix.mp3

Wow! I really like it a lot! This is absolutely going to my playlist. Very nice vintage sound. How did you record the drums? I like the sound.

Well, i’m interesting in knowing what guitar, what pedal (if any) and what amplifier, you were using? - It’s rare to hear an electrick guitar these days that does’nt sound like an electronic alarm clock - really like your guitar sound. BTW - great tune and well balanced instruments. Rock on, man!

Thanks for having a listen guys,


Long process for drums so long answer I’m afraid. Drums are Hydrogen powered and the kit is comprised of samples I took of my own kit with a large diaphragm condenser mic. This kit is the Hydrogen kit included with AV Linux in the “Extra Goodies” folder. Although I do play drums as a second instrument after several attempts of locking to tracks prerecorded with a click I decided to keep it tight by programming with my own samples. I’m glad I did because it was my first in depth use of Hydrogen and I absolutely loved it!


You have good ears! The guitars were all done with a Fender Tele running through a 15Watt Fender Pro Junior tube amp. No pedals were used…the more you turn it up the better the tube overdrive… it has 2 knobs, volume and tone. A great little recording amp!

Thanks GMaq, I’m having trouble getting a decent sound from my strat on a Randall transistor amp, now I know what to go for.

Hey Brother we have the same Joy!!!

A little strong in the 60Hrz range also let the reverb tail fade out longer. Or end it on the beat flat.


Keep um coming Glenn.

Hey Philip!

Actually my regular mixdown monitors have a blown woofer so I did a quickie mixdown with computer speakers, It’s really bizarre (but expected) how a mix can sound awesome on one system and totally suck on another, thus the need for flat response reference monitors I guess…

Anyone got recommendations for near field monitors? I’m going fix my old large monitors with the blown woofer but these new bi-amped near field monitors look kind of handy as well…I’ve been looking pretty close at a pair of M-Audio Studiophile BX5a’s but I’m open to suggestions around or under $400.00 USD.

I would go for the Samson Rubicons before I went with M-Audio myself. Of course if you can track down a pair of second hand Event TR8s for that price I would say go for it above both if you can.


PS The sounding great on one system and poor on another is why mastering exists;)

Hey Glen.

The song sounds great.

When I listened I was using Headphones. “Sony Professional MDR-7506” . On those it sound real punchy in a good way. An ever so slight pull down on the low frequencies could clear things up a bit. Please do not misinterpret my last statement. The instruments are very distinct and clear. I know you already know this but we should always listen to our mixes in the car on a lappy your ipod computer speakers. Test anywhere you can.

I am using the M-Audio Studiophile BX8a’s and they translate pretty well to other media outputs.

I have heard good things about the “BX5a’s” but can’t comment on them specifaclly myself.

amazing work on the mix, and superb theme, its wonderful.
how did you recorded the fender pro junior? is it possible to know the microphone?
thanks GMaq!


I agree… that fuzz bass takes up a lot of real estate in the mix and is difficult to place.


Thanks for the recs I’ll check out the Samsons and maybe look on Ebay as well.

@ losfurcis,


I used a plain old Shure SM57 about 6 inches from the cabinet and I usually put the mic on a right angle to the speaker cone.