join regions

sorry, but i just can´t find the trick to join to regions to one region…
might someone telle me how?



you can’t.

its planned and i’ve done some initial work, but it likely won’ t appear until Ardour 3.0.

you can select any number of regions and move them together, trim them together, change their fade in/out curves together etc. but you cannot actually join them to form a single region.

well, i can record the ouput of the track to a new track forming a single region then…
this function would be so appreciated :slight_smile:

You can also “freeze” the track, then copy the freezed region into a new track and unfreeze the old.

if bouncing is an option, you can bounce a selected time range and you’ll get what you want.

If you have just accidentally created a “split”, and it just looks untidy, you can delete the split section and drag the end of the region before forward to get the audio back in that region/drag the beginning of the region afterward back, if that makes sense

bouncing worked very well!
don´t understand what freezing is about yet…

dan: well i in deed wanted to join two regions into one, cause that makes normalizing and exporting easier.


perhaps just a way to group regions into one object would be helpful to people? i know it would be useful if you are moving regions around and want a few of them to stay in their relative positions. not sure i would want two different sound files joined as a single region with no easy way to see where i’d need to split them should i want to separate them again though. i don’t know if the grouping would help with your particular problem, but i think it would still be handy.


I notice this thread is quite old. Has this feature been included now?

@demonboy: nope. Its on the post-3.0 list

Since it seems like people are still arriving at this thread:

What Dan said seemed to be a viable solution to my problem. If you have one continuous track you’ve accidentally broken into two regions, then just select the second region, delete it, then drag the first region out across that space. The audio is still there and you will have one continuous region again.

In the meantime is there a modifier key or a way to move a region from one track to another - while preserving it’s location on the timeline?

I’ve been recording punch ins onto new tracks and I want to consolidate them.

Middle Mouse Button Drag will do this. Use it all the time for this exact reason:)


Sweet!! Thanks!

Any news on this one ?

I don’t know when it was introduced, but the current Ardour 3 can combine overlapping or adjoining regions on one track. I use it a lot to tidy up after a session of editing. Select all component regions, right-click, select “edit”, then “combine”, if I remember correctly (not near an Ardour installation right now so can’t check, but it’s easy to find).

I’ve seen this option, but everytime I want to use it, after selecting 2 regions, the “combine” option is greyed out!
At the moment I don’t necessary want to merge 2 regions, I’d rather be able to group them together, so I can move and copy them together to create different parts in my music!