JL Cooper MCS 5

A friend just gave me a JL Cooper MCS 5 transport control. I searched and didn’t see anything specific about this device, but is there any support for it?

There is no dedicated support. It does “just send MIDI” but from a quick scan of the manual etc., I doubt you will get much use out of it with Ardour unless you were prepared to write a new surface module (in C++).

Bummer. It’s a nice piece of kit.

Actually, it’s even worse. I don’t think it sends MIDI at all, but instead uses the USB HID specification. They ship(ped) there own driver for OSX/macOS which is never a good sign.

No way to use this with Ardour without coding. We do have at least one other HID device supported, so it’s not impossible, but about as far from plug-n-play as possible, without being impossible.

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