Jconv usage

I have created a bus with a pre-fader insert that connects the inputs and outputs of a jconv client. I am then adding a post-fader send on the tracks that I wish to add the effect. Using the send’s output level, I adjust how much dry signal gets sent to the bus.

I am beginning to wonder whether or not I am creating a phase issue since the dry signal is also being sent back out through the bus. Can someone shed some light on this? Is there a better way to use impulse responses with Ardour?


That is what I am confused about. There doesn’t appear to be a “wet/dry” parameter in Jconv.

I guess I could disconnect the outputs of the track, but that makes panning a bit more complicated.

scratch that idea…

In that setup, why are you sending the dry signal out through the bus. You have the track for the dry signal, just use the bus to mix in the desired amount of wet signal(Aka, put it at 100% wet, though I haven’t used jconv to know how to do this).


I haven’t used jconv, but it sounds no different than any other reverb set up. Can you have the outputs of jconv go to the return bus that you’re using for reverb?

You send the dry signal from the sends that you assign to whatever tracks that you want reverb on. When you assign the sends, does jconv appear in the selection of choices that you can use to send the signal to?

Just throwing some ideas out. As I said, I haven’t used jconv, but when I build my new multi-core mix box, I intend to.

I am using jconv since a long time. My setup is like this:
I create a bus only for jconv and connect the output of jconv to the pre-fader input there. The bus output is connected to the master bus. For every track I wanted to apply reverb i connect the post fader sends to the input of jconv. In the sends of every track i can control the level sent to jconv and so the level of reverb applied to this specific track. The reverb bus fader controls the overall reverb level.

The following record was created with this setup: