Jazz violin and viola composition

Hello, I’m new to this group!

I’m a french jazz violinist, violist and composer.


Here’s my latest video and composition, aptly named “Con Ardore” (italian for “with ardour”), because it was recorded and mixed using Ardour 5 (on Windows 10), but also because of its slightly obsessive character.
The recording was made with and old zoom h2. For the mixing, I used some vst effects (but not too much :wink: ).

Feel free to ask if you have any question on how I did this.

I hope you’ll like it!


Absolutely loved it! love from Norway! if I have to put a finger on something, I love the room the reverb is creating :slight_smile: <3

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Thank you cjoke! It’s no easy listening music so it’s nice to read such a comment! For the reverb I used a short and weak one for the comping and pizzicatos and a longer one for the theme and the solos. Took some time to find the right balance between those reverbs. Cheers!

Nice tune, thanks for sharing. About reverb, what plugins are involved ?

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Hi sub26nico. Thanks, I appreciate it! For the reverb I use Oril River https://vst4free.com/plugin/2538/
Feel free to ask if you have other questions.