jamin replacement

hey everyone,

so i was asked to quick master a small ep of three tracks about 15 min long. i was planing to user usual ardour and jamin chain with Jamin Controller Plugin put on master track to automate scene changes. i sould mention than i never used this plugin before. well, it’s a disaster! jamin crashes every second scene change (rather randomly actually). googling revealed the issue is back from 2008. i tried all the suggested solutions – raising ulimit to 500000, runing jackd in software mode, no RT, increased bufferes. i tried all imaginable routing from ardour to jamin. no use =(

did anyone here had this problem, how did you work it out? otherwise what would you suggest to use for mastering with relatively the same workflow, but without jamin?

thank you in advance. pardon my english.

I would suggest plugins from linuxdsp, they actually sound better than jamin, though you would still need a limiter.

Hi this is probably too late but i hope this helps in anyway:

If you work a lot mastering tracks i suggest to purchase Mixbus which is great for this task and supports Ardour, also should take a look at LinuxDSP which has great Parametric EQ, great Reverb and a very usable Multiband Compressor, now in any of the 2 cases, it is wise to know where to get the minimun plugins you’ll need to master for free.

  1. Use LADSPA Plugin Lookahead Limiter
  2. Install INVADA Records LV2 plugins set, they have a good compressor which you can use to put things together, an input module, distortion, stereo delay and
  3. Install CALF plugins which has a great multiband compressor “that takes up a big part of your CPU process” but its very graphical and its perfect to “see what you are doing”, also has a good reverb
  4. There is also a parametric EQ for free, the package is called lv2fil, you can find it with synaptic if youre using Ubuntu or a derivate of this OS.

So there you go:

  • Input Module (Invada LV2)
  • Multiband Compressor (LinuxDSP or CALF LV2)
  • Parametric EQ (LinuxDSP or LV2FIL or CALF LV2)
  • Reverb/Delay (LinuxDSP or Calf Stereo Reverb or Delay on LV2)
  • Compressor (Invada LV2 or LinuxDSP Vintage Compressor or CALF LV2)
  • Distortion (Invada LV2 or CALF LV2)
  • Limiter (LADSPA)

So thats it, probably a lot more than you need, i do not use all of that it is to your taste to add the plugins you feel you should add.

So if you ever purchase Mixbus you would only need the Reverb and a Multiband Compressor since the rest of the plugins are already in the mix busses and master bus of mixbus (-valga la redundancia-), which is the reason why i also bought the LinuxDSP bundle pack, now i wish CALF plugins LV2 were available as a more stable and more CPU efficient plugin pack, but that is another topic. Sorry for my bad english…