jamin as plugin ?

Is it possible to use jamin as a plugin for a single track?
I have tried inserts, but I can’t get rid of latency.

as far as I know, jamin is so heavy in processing that you will never be able to get rid of its latency. But I may be wrong. Moreover, using it as an insert is the only I know.

I’ve thought about that, but it’s a lot of trouble to tweak the crossover points.

I’d like to get just the multiband compressor to use as a plugin - especially for vocals

one (probably clumsy) way to this within ardour :

  • create 3 busses
  • create 3 sends from the track you want to process
  • connect each send to each bus
  • add a freq filter in each bus pre-fader (low pass, high pass and a combination of both)
  • add an SC4 comp in the post fader of each bus

adjust the send signal level so that you hear what you want.