Jade (world music)

Hi all,

I recently finished working on a new piece I had started some time ago:

It’s an attempt to write something influenced by traditional Chinese music, and infused with some soundtrack vibe. It was the first time I used LinVST to use Windows VSTs (Mini DiZi and Mini ErHu) directly in Ardour 5, which was a fascinating experience! Incidentally, this may be one of the last things I’ll work on in Ardour 5: I’m upgrading to Fedora 33, which apparently includes Ardour 6.3.0, so I’m really looking forward to see what’s new there!

In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy this small track :slight_smile:
You can learn more about the whole process in this thread I opened on LinuxMusicians:


Wonderful piece!
I feel it like an OST, as if i was watching a movie :wink:

Thanks for listening and for the kind words! I’m glad you liked it, and an OST feeling was indeed what I was hoping to achieve :smiley: