Jackmidi ports, is it possible to name them (permanently)?


I understand Ardour 3.0 has less drift when using jackmidi.

One issue I have though is the jack midi ports all have a generic name… which on my system is very confusing… (I have 2 emagic 8*8 midi racks plus 2 controller devices and a Delta 1010 so I have a total of 21 MIDI ins and 22 MIDI outs before I fire up Ardour or any other software that uses jack MIDI)…

Is there a way of assigning a name to each MIDI port to make this less confusing?

What makes it more confusing is that my USB devices (the emagic racks and the 2 MIDI controllers) aren’t consistantly starting in the same order… I am seeking help on this from the alsa-user list but am finding it difficult as the 2 emagic devices have the same device vendor ID and product ID (even though they are different models)

If there is a way of naming the ports, is there a way to make this permanent? (whether it be by a scipt that is fired up on starting jackd or otherwise)


Did you try using QJackctl’s option(s) to display port aliases rather than port names? It is definitely still NOT an ideal solution, but it might help your particular situation. You might also consider looking into jack_alias yourself.

Thanks Paul

No I wasn’t aware there was such an option… Will look into it.