Jackdmp and pulseaudio

Hello. Not really a question about Ardour but about the soundsystem.

Is it possible to have jackdmp output to pulseaudio?

I have it working with the jackd, setting the ‘pacmd set-default-sink jack_out’ script in qjacktl.

But with jackdmp this does not work for some reason. It would be great to have jackdmp (for performance ) together pulse audio (for general desktop useage).


I won’t say that using JACK and Pulseaudio together doesn’t work or can’t work, but depending on your Distribution it can be a kludgy mess. For an Audio-centric usage case a better solution is to simply have JACK and ALSA on your system and have ALSA loopback with JACK, this way any running selected JACK device will automatically loop and allow ALSA to route any apps using ALSA (ie web browsers and any other ALSA apps) through your running JACK device.

The caveat is that this is only easy to set up if you use Ubuntu and add the KXStudio Cadence suite, or if you use AV Linux which has a more modular ‘aloop-daemon’
based on Cadence. In my experience this is clean, simple, fast and makes Pulseaudio pretty much unnecessary on your system while offering the same routing freedom.

Just noted that the pulse audio sinc bumping the cpu useage from around .6 percent to around 7 percent on my system with jackd and no audio stress. First I thought the huge performace gain was because of the jackmp.

Thanks. I will look into that KXStudio. I am on Ubuntu so it might be not too dificult.

Must say the KXStudio setup looks very good. Much better than my sets of random hacks. Also the alsa loopback looks more clean than Pulseaudio-sink. Thanks again. So guess I can leave that stress behind and get going with my Ardour baby steps. Amen!

I use Kxstudio aswell, generally it just works. Especially the jack setup for me. It loads at startup and also loads the alsajack bridge. The dev;s at kxstudio have done all the hardwork and also done some tweaks to make it a very reliable setup. Im running at 5ms latency with my onboard sound and that works fine for well written plugins that are efficient with resources. Some plugins though (like hybrid reverb) dont like it and have to increase buffers to stop xruns.

Anyway, stick with kx studio. No pulseaudio is a bonus, back when i was in ubuntu studio, i setup the sound loops deaomons and alsa jack bridges and it was picky wether it worked or not.

The only problem though i hvae found is that ardour failes to export when the bridge is running, so you you run into problems exporting, shut down the alsa jack bridge (through cadence) and it should work.